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About Us

Beyond the future, boundary-pushing and aesthetic designs

Marsala Textile  was founded by Mehmet Çetin Özel and Özlem Özel in 2015. Two spouses who were part of a family expertized in textile field since 1940. Mehmet Çetin Özel and Özlem Özel set off with the vision of making Marsala a world known fabric brand using all of their personal savings.
Knowing that producing the right product fast is the most important goal in fabric production, Marsala always works to produce the newest and most admired fabric with and experienced and qualified team, advanced technology and production facility.
Marsala provides services to global and local brands producing women’s, men’s and children’s apparel and their suppliers.
Countries we Export to
Export to four continents and thirty countries.

Our Product Range
Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Tencel, Modal, Cotton Polyester, Cotton Polyester Elastane,Viscose / Polyester, Viscose / Polyamid, Cotton Nylon, Cotton Nylon Elastane,Cotton Linen, Polyester Viscose Linen, Natural Regenerated and Synthetic Fiber Blends, Sustainable Fabrics, New Generation Seacell Fabrics, New Generation Hemp Fabrics, New Generation Umorphyl Fabrics

Marsala is an integrated facility with a monthly production capacity of 1.500.000 meters, built on a 21.000 m2 closed area where all warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing production departments are located. In our facility, the latest technologies of the most prestigious machines are combined with the most accurate dyestuffs and chemicals, and fabrics with a unique touch and appearance are produced by expert engineers with maximum efficiency and respect for human and nature.

The special sample weaving, warping and spinning line in the weaving department, the sample dyeing machines in the dyehouse and the expert staff focused exclusively on fast sample production. These special equipment and expertise further strengthen Marsala’s leading position in the industry.

Marsala’s pioneering position in the sector is also ensured by its production in accordance with the highest standards and constantly updated certificates. Marsala’s philosophy of respect for living beings and the environment is at the heart of Marsala’s position among innovative and reliable producers. To maintain this philosophy, the company prioritizes discipline and work ethics. This approach ensures that Marsala not only offers quality products but also fulfills its social and environmental responsibilities.

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